Rolex Golf Experience
Rolex Golf Experience Rolex’s film celebrating the history and drama of the Open Golf Championship and St. Andrew’s Golf Course featuring ‘Leviathan’, a modern classical piece from Altitude Music’s Inspirational collection.

Power of Nutrition
The Power of Nutrition M&C Saatchi’s 3 minute film for The Power of Nutrition’s campaign to reduce malnutrition in children across the globe. This new organisation, in partnership with The Children’s Investment Fund, UNICEF and the World Bank Group, will transform lives. Animation by Parachutes.

Boots No7
Boots No 7 Mother London’s new groundbreaking campaign follows the lives of eight women for a month without mirrors. The music has to tell the whole story and work across a wide variety of formats.

Lucozade Spreadsheet-smashing, work-relieving, slam-dunking beats for Grey London’s Lucozade Yes! worldwide TV campaign.

Sony Internet TV
Sony Internet TV feat. ‘America’, a beautiful modern classical theme. This music also features on the BBC’s Andy Murray: ‘The Man Behind The Racquet’. See also Altitude Music’s Weird & Wonder collection.

Bacardi Our pitch for RKCR/Y&R’s Bacardi: Inventions TVC. WA Wa Punx ‘Battlestar Raps’ from the album Hip Hop Kicks.

BT BT’s latest 3 minute infommercial uses ‘Firefly’ which is a track from Altitude Music’s Inspirational collection.

Nike ‘Danny Sux @ Video Games’, a collaboration with Seattle’s WA Wa Punx.

Make A Wish Our longest running and most cherished campaign now in its fifth year.

Guinness Music that tells a story.

21st century Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle The brief to create a simple piece that captures ‘The Beetle Spirit’, the story of the legendary Bug. Music evoking the uniqueness of an icon, a theme that flows through history and matches the engineering genius of a car that continues to inspire into the 21st century.


Being Human Space Canada’s trailer uses ‘Whatever Happens Tonight’ by Seattle and London hip hop duo WA Wa Punx.

Andy Murray: The Man Behind The Racquet ‘America’, a modern classical piece taken from Altitude Music’s Weird & Wonder collection.

Being: Mike Tyson Fox TV’s trailer featuring ‘The Presentation’ a track from Hip Hop Kicks by WA Wa Punx.

Skins The Series 3 trailer featuring Bears From Labrador’s ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’.

Altitude Music – BMG Production Music

Weird & Wonder
Wholesome Christmas

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Hip Hop Empire


Hip Hop Kicks
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Music For Cooking
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